Inbound & Startup and Virtual General Counsel Services

Inbound & Startup Solutions:

Kurtin PLLC offers a program of Inbound & Startup flat-fee legal services for the formation, organization, financing, and operations of U.S. subsidiaries and affiliates of non-U.S.-based companies and for U.S. startups. The services offered cover any legal or regulatory requirement a new business, investment fund, family office, trust or other enterprise is likely to face, while the flat-fee menu of basic and additional services allows both “à la carte” selection of services needed and predictability of costs.  We will also arrange a custom package of requested services at a discount to their combined separate pricing on request.

Virtual General Counsel Solutions:

We also offer Virtual General Counsel services intended for enterprises, investment funds, family offices and other businesses more mature than the startup stage, but not yet far enough along to hire full time in-house counsel, which nevertheless have ongoing and recurring legal needs. Virtual General Counsel services are offered on a monthly retainer at several different levels, keyed to a discounted blended hourly rate based on expected needs, while services themselves can be offered based on either the blended hourly rate or on a flat fee basis.  In many cases, the Virtual General Counsel program will be an appropriate follow-on for enterprises and funds that have graduated from the Inbound & Startup Legal Services program.

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Inbound & Startup and Virtual General Counsel Legal Services

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