Biotechnology & Life Sciences

  • Financial and Strategic Acquisitions and Investments in the Biotech and Life Sciences Industry
  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances for Biotech and Life Sciences Product Development, Procurement, Supply, Distribution and Marketing
  • Multinational Corporate Governance and Restructuring of Biotech and Life Sciences Companies
  • Vertical and Horizontal Commercial Arrangements with Pharmaceutical, Chemical and other Industry Counterparts, including Tolling, Procurement, Supply, Manufacture and Distribution Agreements
  • Licensing and Cross-Licensing of Biotechnology and Life Sciences Products embedded Intellectual Property, including Pharmaceuticals, Genetic Therapies and Medical Devices
  • Advise on Horizontal Competition and Vertical Restraint Antitrust Issues Potentially Affecting Biotechnology and Life Sciences Transactions and Joint Ventures
  • Advise on Foreign Investment and Technology Export Issues Arising in Biotech and Life Sciences Transactions
  • Representation of Health Care Providers in Data Privacy and Technology Issues arising in HIPAA Implementation and Compliance, including Risk Analyses, Audits, Business Associate Agreements, Cloud Computing, Mobile Devices and Web Portals


Industry Focus