Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge Fund, Family Office and other Financial & Strategic Investments

Financial & Strategic Investments Solutions:

We represent both Financial Investors and Strategic Investors, and the enterprises in which they invest and lend, in:

  • Structuring, Formation, Governance and Administration for Onshore/Offshore Investment Funds and Companies
  • “Master Feeder” and Hierarchical Structuring for Segregating/Aggregating Onshore/Offshore Investor Pools
  • Tax and Regulatory Compliance Counseling for Onshore/Offshore Investment Funds
  • Private Equity Investments on both the Investor and Company Sides
  • Buyouts, Spin-Offs and Going Private Transactions
  • Early and Late Round Venture Capital Investments on both the Investor and Company Sides
  • Strategic Investments in Vertically Integrated and Horizontal Competitor Companies
  • Technology Transfer Royalty-bearing Transactions between Universities or Research Institutes and Private Commercial Parties or Spin-Offs
  • “Deep Tech” Finance and Support for Innovative, Research-Intensive Projects Requiring Longer Term Investment Horizons
  • Bridge and Mezzanine Lending
  • Private Investment in Public Equity (PIPE) and Reverse Merger Transactions
  • Growth-Equity Financing
  • Recapitalization, Restructuring and Acquisitions of Bankrupt or Distressed Companies and Assets
  • Fund Portfolio Company Representation

Financial & Strategic Investments Representative Transactions

Financial & Strategic Investments Whitepapers and Advisories:

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