Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances

Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances Solutions:

We represent Joint Venture and Strategic Alliance parties in:

  • Structuring and Formation of Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances; Choice of Venture or Alliance Vehicle Form
  • Antitrust/Competition, Foreign Investment and Technology Export Regulatory Compliance; other Regulatory and Tax Structuring and Compliance
  • Alignment of Economic and Management Control and Interests
  • Asset Contribution and Distribution; Terms of Investment and Priorities and Preferences among Parties
  • Venture or Alliance Governance, Management and Responsibility Allocation
  • Treatment of Intellectual Property Preexisting the Venture or Alliance and of IP Developed in the Course of the Venture or Alliance
  • Division and Distribution of Profits and Losses, Royalties from Licensing and Branding Issues
  • Termination of and Exit from the Venture or Alliance; Post-Termination Rights to Continue Business, Receive Royalties; Disposition of IP upon Exiting the Venture or Alliance and Other Issues

Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances Representative Transactions

Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances Whitepapers and Advisories:

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The “Nuts and Bolts” of International Joint Ventures (Presentation at American Bar Association Section of International Law – Israel Bar Association Joint Meeting, Eilat, Israel

Special Purpose Vehicles: Uses and Abuses

CFIUS-FIRRMA Proposed Regulations Expand U.S. Scrutiny of Cross-border Deals

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