Corporate, Commercial & Regulatory Representation

Corporate, Commercial & Regulatory Solutions:

We represent both mature and early stage companies and investment funds in:

  • Company and Fund Formation, Organization and Governance
  • Board and Officers Counseling
  • ’34 Act Reporting
  • Shareholder Rights Counseling
  • Creditor Rights Counseling in Bankruptcies, Reorganizations and Distressed Situations
  • Compliance for Regulated Industries and Funds
  • Corporate Reorganizations, Restructurings, Recapitalizations and Affiliate Transactions
  • Outsourcing and Systems Integration Commercial Agreements
  • Commercial Agreements with Upstream Vendors/Suppliers, Downstream Distributors/Customers and Partners

Corporate, Commercial & Regulatory Representative Transactions

Corporate, Commercial & Regulatory Whitepapers and Advisories:

Restructuring a Multinational Corporation to Optimize Profitability and Efficiency: A Case Study

The case study reviews the strategic, legal, tax and regulatory aspects of the implementation that we handled of a global restructuring for a U.S.-based industrial and technology public corporation with operations in over thirty countries and a multi-billion dollar market capitalization. The new corporate structure greatly enhanced the company’s efficiency and profitability.  The case study should also be of interest to those who, while not necessarily implementing a full global or domestic restructuring, wish to rationalize and streamline their companies to optimize efficiency and profitability.

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Twitter Counters Elon Musk Takeover Offer with a Poison Pill

SEC Proposes Rule Amendments to Modernize Beneficial Ownership Reporting

Powersharing: Allocating Rights and Responsibilities Early in Company Life to Avoid Trouble Later and Create a Viable Investment Vehicle

Resales of Restricted Securities: Deal Points

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